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OC redraw by CopycatNinjaGirl
OC redraw
Here's another redraw. Sorry for the long wait btw. I've been having trouble with the program I use but I think its fixed now. Thiis is a redraw of my OC Kari that I created in 2012 (I think). I tried to draw her like how I  first drew her here (…).
  • Listening to: Techno and Dubstep
  • Reading: Alex rider
  • Watching: Games LPs
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Eating: Salad aka Rabbit food
  • Drinking: Green tea
Tagged by this little sweethear :iconnabby1999: You little devi- I mean angel Sweating a little...


1) You have to post ALL the Rules
2) Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3) Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4) Choose 13 people
5) You have to legitimately tag 13  people
6) You CAN'T say you don't do tags
7) Tag-backs are ALLOWED
8) YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! unless you're talking ABOUT the entry
9) You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do what ever the creator tells you 
10) be creative with the title. no, " I got tagged" stuff.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

13 Facts about me

1) I'm turning 15!!! I joined 3 years ago when I was 12. Yeah I wasn't a smart kid and made up a name on the spot. Thus the weird username
2) I like making crafts besides drawing if some of my posts haven't been obvious.
3) I draw to let out some feelings I hold in that I don't feel comfortable telling others. 
4) I began drawing in during 1st grade and I've been spending about 1-2 hours a day just drawing and crafting.
5) I used to be one of the most bullied people in my grade (7th grade being the worst) until hightschool
6) I can speak 4 differnt languages, not counting english that is.
7) I'm asian? Half vietnamese and half chinese. ≧◡≦
8) During the transition of being a tom boy to a girly girl (yeah I went through a phase) I've gotten really bad at sports. Used to be good at basketball and soccer but now I suck. :'(
9) I have lots of pets. None of them are furry. I've got 3 goldfish, one chichlasoma synspilum (I don't know its common nameSweating a little...) and a turtle! Yep.
10) Unlike my other friends I don't enjoy eating as much. I usually eat rabbit food, by that I mean just a whole plate of salad with not dressing of course. Teehee.(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
11) I'm short! By short I mean really short. All of my friends are taller than me and it annoys how I'm used as an arm rest but hey, when we play hide and seek I always win. :)
12) I don't like how people make fun of my appearance. I like victorian clothing and anime and I have acne but who says I can't!!!!!!!!!! Plus puberty is a bitch.
13) I LOVE insects. Have an insect problem? Call me! I also love arachnids they are so cute! Don't judge me.

The questions that "gem" gave me
1) Salut! How's your week going? Meow :3
Bullet; Red Its going okay. I was actually sick for a few days but I'm fine now.
2) How old were you when you first created your first deviantart account? Were you excited?
Bullet; Orange I was 12. I was really excited because I thought that my first deviation was going to be so popular. Boy was I wrong. Plus I was a really dumb 6th grader.

3) Could you name TEN of your favourite characters? (from drama/movies/anime/cartoons/anything/etc)
Bullet; Yellow Get ready ... ahem:
  ❀Karin from Bleach
❀Toshiro from Bleach
  ❀Claire from the Harvest Moon series (game)
  ❀Freckles from Animal Crossing
  ❀Rarity from MLP
  ❀China from Hetalia
  ❀Vietnam from Hetalia
  ❀Levy from Fairy Tail
  ❀Buttercup from PPG
  ❀Napstablook from Undertale
4) How many languages do you know, out of curiousity? Mother tongue?
Bullet; Green I know 4 besides english. I've answer these above whould I change? NO!

5) Hmm, is it possible to cry underwater? If yes, how could you tell if the person in front of you was crying?
Bullet; Blue Yes it is. I've cried unerwater before. Idk how. My dad sure didn't know.

6) If Superman is so smart, why does he where his underwear over his pants? :T //shot
Bullet; Purple Because he's reakin' fabulous!

7) Any current obsessions? 
Bullet; Pink I've had an obsession with undertale, pokemon, harvest moon and making jewelry. Dont' ask plz.

8) Watching any good cartoon/anime/tv shows/movies lately?
Bullet; Black I've been watching Your Lie in April over and over again and I can't stop crying. :crying: rvmp 

9) Name one embarrassing moment from your past? :iconimhappyplz: //kicked
Bullet; White When I found out that I was allergic to shrimp during a buffet. Very allergic. My face turned red and my eyes began to burn like when cutting onions. The while time I was yelling "MY EYES!!! MY EYESSSSS!!!!!" There you go. Happy?
10) Any Yaoi or Yuri couples you love?
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! No. I never really thought of Yaoi or Yuri couples but I do ship Orihime and Rukia AS FRIENDS!!!! 

11) *ahem* Now, let's talk about something serious... *Slaps on some shades* B-) (Cool) Donald Trump//shotshotshot
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Get out! I dun like! DUN LIKE!!!! Lemme just stay here in Canada so I don't have to deal with him. 

12) :iconlazycryplz: ...asdhj...etto....Favourite Youtuber??
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! I have 3 actually. Its tied between Markiplier, Domics and Chuggaconroy. Senapi notice me!Love 

13) Hey look! You're all finished! Any last words, before we go? Boring..Boring..Onion 
My Purple Bullet - F2U!  Yes, why did you tag me?! Why must thou make me suffer with these questions? I mean like Donald Trump? Really? Don't bring polotics in here.

The tagging *finally*✿ \(^○^)人(^○^)/
Saya-chan98  Blazing-Fire-Pheonix  KathyNever456  LoveyaKathy  Deathsupdown  foodforlife12  V-Zombie  Flandrensis-of-Artic 
I don't think I have any more friends on here.

The questions
1)Why did you join Deviantart?
2) What do you enjoy most in life besides social media and art?
3)How has the torture of school been?
4)Do you enjoy making crafts? If yes, what do you enjoy making?
5) Lets talk about Spongebob:D (Big Grin) 
6)Do you beleive that mermaids exist knowing that over 90% of the ocean is unexplored?
7) How good is your singing voice from 1-10?Singing 
8)What type of music are you interested in?
9)Any games you enjoy playing?
10)Favorite animal. Name 5 please.
11) Any anime you enjoy? Please name top 5.
12) What do you watch on Youtube mainly?
13) Last question. Do you like sweet things?

There y'all go. Happy? Have fun :$
Bunny Emoji-71 (Hello Hi) [V4] 


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Artist | Student | Varied
My deviantID is by :iconv-zombie:
Profile picture by :iconcopycatninjagirl:

Use this if you support me and you like my art. Stamp Commission || CopyCatNinjaGirl by mimihgfh

Hey guys...and girls. My name is Whitney Luu, named after Whitney Houston (And I!!!!!!!!!!) I was born in Canada (but am a proud Vietnamese) and lived here since. Birthday is June 20, I don't know why it says October 16.


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My other Account: :iconkittyrainbowchu:

Account names on other games and sh*t:
Fantage: demongirl2345
My Candy Love: demongirl2345
Otakuzone: demongirl2345 ( I can't go on anymore )

Friends by YuikoHeartless
:iconsaya-chan98: ( greatest artist of all time!!)


Who I know in real life:
:iconkathynever456: my best friend
:iconblazing-fire-pheonix: Just know him :p


I support:
-Ikarishipping from Pokemon ( My Pokemon OTP)
-Pokeshipping from Pokemon
-Specialshipping from Pokemon
-Butchercup from PPG(Z) ( PPG{Z} OTP)
- Blossick from PPG(Z)
- Boomubbles from PPG(Z)
- IchiHime from Bleach
- Renruki from Bleach
- Hitsukarin from Bleach (Bleach OTP/ current OTP)
- MomoKira from Bleach
- NaLu from Fairy tail
-GrayLu from Fairy tail
-GrayZa from fairy tail
_Gruveya from Fairy tail
-Jerza from Fairy tail
-Elfgreen from Fairy tail
-Mavis X Laxus from Fairy tail
-Cana and Baccus (I don't think that's how you spell his name) from Fairy tail
-Freed X Mira from Fairy tail
-Yukino X Sting from Fairy tail
-Rogue X Kagura from Fariy tail
-Bixlow X Lisanna from Fairy tail
-Gajevy/ GaLe from Fairy tail ( Fairy tail OTP)

:thumb342715877:IchiHime fan ~ stamp by NimyluAnti-IchiRuki by Flare-FlareRenRuki fan ~ stamp by NimyluB: Renji x Rukia Stamp by xioccolateGrimmNel fan ~ stamp by NimyluIsshin x Masaki ~ stamp by NimyluKeep Calm stamp ~ IchiHime by NimyluKeep Calm stamp ~ RenRuki by NimyluKeep Calm stamp ~ GrimmNel by NimyluHitsuKarin STAMP by IwonnRukiHime -Friendship- by IwonnChiViet Is My Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilkuChuViet Stamp by pink-crest
Gajeel and Levy by Dafne0292 China and Vietnam gif by Kay-IChiViet OTP Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping

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